If you are relocating to Shasta County, we'd love to help you find that perfect home.  We like to start by giving you a tour of our area, showing you some of the highlights such as the Sacramento River trail, Sundial Bridge, Whiskeytown lake, Turtle Bay, and much more.  We'll tell you about our favorite places to eat, annual events, and give you information on favorite area attractions. 

We can talk about the amenities you'd like in a home.  We're good at not just listening, but truly hearing what you have to say.   We'll show you different neighborhoods, parks, subdivisions and  a few houses that are for sale so you can make more a informed decision when you find a home to buy. 

Then we will show you homes that have the features you're looking for.   

If you're moving away, we would love to help you find the perfect Realtor anywhere in the United States.  It is impossible to know a good Realtor in an area you're not familiar with.  We have a referral network system in our office and can find two or three great agents.  Then you can interview these Realtors and choose the agent that is the best fit for you